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Message from the Director

Mrs. Robertson - Director

Greetings and thank you for your interest in Robertson's Private School. My name is Yeidy Robertson and I am the director and founder of RPS. As a lifelong educator of 20+ years, I have dedicated my professional life to the betterment of the children of Luquillo. Locally, I noticed an aging model of instruction in many private & public schools. Wanting to do more than just teach one class a year in a classical way, I decided to found a truly forward thinking school that prepares student for 2030 and beyond. Education must evolve to match the current and future landscapes of our digital environments. At RPS we strive to ensure our students will graduate with 21st century skills and have a global perspective. Character education and teaching to the whole child is blended within the fabric of our instruction. Although our facilities are modestly equipped, technology allows for us to deliver a world class education to students everyday. 

Message from the Director: About Us
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