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Teaching & Learning is What Separates Us From the Rest


Leveraging Technology 

At Robertson's Private School, we leverage technology in order to best empower our students so they may acquire the latest relevant skills necessary to be successful today and for an unknown tomorrow. Many schools in Puerto Rico instruct in a classical, traditional, or antiquated way with the teacher at the center of the learning. At Robertson Private School, we embrace technology and ensure our students are at the center of their learning. We allow for students to be self directed while using the latest technology tools. We use a learning management system called Seesaw in order to bring more transparency into the classroom to families and to create portfolios of our students learning.  

Facilitated Learning

At Robertson Private School, we know that not every child learns at the exact same pace and speed. Therefore, we facilitate instruction, allowing for children of multiple learning levels to learn in a self-pace manner. This ensures everyone in the class is concurrently meeting their own individual challenge points at the same time. In any one of our classrooms you can find students of multiple learning levels interacting with curriculum independently, at their own unique challenge point. Compare our style with a traditional model, one that forces everyone to learn the exact same thing at the same time in the exact same way, regardless of their ability. 

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Multiple Languages

At Robertson's Private School, we know the power of language. We overachieve, offering English, Spanish, and Mandarin. By offering a trilingual curriculum, we are giving our students the best opportunities for a global future.  

Character Education

At Robertson's Private School, we believe it's not what you know, but who you are. Teaching to the whole child means we ensure that our students acquire a set of character traits and values that will afford them to become good humans. Character matters! 

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Teaching & Learning: Academics
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